Learn Vedic mantras for Nithya KarmAs Online!

|| Sri: Gurubhyo Namaha ||

Yajur Veda classes (for Brahmins of Apasthamba Sutra) are conducted online by 
Shree Eshwara Shastrigal on Skype daily for brahmins who,

1) Could not find enough time and favorable circumstances to learn Vedas from a pAtashALA or at Guru's residence.
2) Could not find a Vedic guru in their city to teach Vedas
3) Wish to complete the course syllabus soon in time.
4) Interested in doing daily rituals etc
Yajur Veda Course:

Class Time: 8.15 PM to 9.15 PM (IST) Daily. This is a 10 days course, Two batches per month. Weekend batches available.

(Except days of AnadhyAya-like Ashtami,Chaturdashi,Amavasya,Poornima,Prathama Thithis)

Basic Course: (Rituals that should be done daily by every brahmin)

' Nithya Karma Course ' is being taught now. 

Rituals taught:

  1. Vaishvadeva Homa &
  2. Brahma Yagya

Future courses planned: 
  1. Aupasanam
  2. Agnihotra
  3. sthAlipAkam
  4. darshapoorna mAsa Ishti 

Tharpanam classes

Amavasya Tharpanam:

If you wish us to help you in doing your Amavasya,Sankramana Tharpanam , kindly download the application here ,fill and send to swadharmam@gmail.com.

Four persons per batch. For Apasthmba Sutra people. Taught through Skype.

Basic Eligibility :

(Send Application ONLY if you satisfy these BASIC eligibility)

1) Must have performed 'Sacred thread' ceremony before age of 11.Or worst case within 16 years of age.If it was performed after 16 yrs,they will be given least preference.(Students who have undergone the 'sacred thread' ceremony "recently" will be given FIRST preference).

2)Must be a Brahmin interested in doing Nithya Karmas like Sandhyavandhana,BrahmaYagya,Agni Karya etc., after completion of the course.

3)Tradtional Vedic attire during class is compulsory.(i.e. Tripundra (Vibhuthi) or Urdhva Pundra (Gopichandhan,Thiruman etc),Dhothi vastra for Brahmcharis,PanchaKaccha for House-holders etc.,

4) People of inter-caste marriage NOT allowed due to Varna-sAnkarya Dosha.

5) Students should be residing in India.


1) Classes are taught for FREE for poor brahmins!.

2) Guru Sambhavana is upto the capacity of students.

3) Medium of  Instruction - Tamil,English,Sanskrit.


Send application form for "Nithya Karma Course I " ONLY if you satisfy the eligibility criteria (If you belong to Yajur Veda & Apasthamba Sutra).Due to bulk applicants we couldn't answer everyone individually. ONLY selected students will be informed by email.

Selected students will be informed within 15 days from receipt of application for the next batch.If you did not receive any intimation kindly understand that we couldn't help you right now.

Basic Requirements:

1)Computer with Broadband connection
3) Headphones
4)Installed Skype software.(Download from http://www.skype.com/intl/en/get-skype/)


Download,Fill the form. Email to swadharmam@gmail.com your form & photo.

( Click the below link & Go to File>Download to download it as a WORD file)

To Download Application Form click  HERE!


Excerpts from "Prashnottara Ratna Malika " of Sri Adi Shankaracharya:

Verse 49- Meaning:

Q: Ko grhii ca?=Who  is a householder?
yo yajate! =He who performs the ordained sacrifices or the yagyas
Q:  Ko Yagya?=What are Yagyas ?
at-srutyaa-vihitah nrnaam sreyaskaro=What is prescribed in the Srutis (Vedas) as a duty  for man's good fortune.

Verse 50 - Meaning:

Q: Ka Shista:?=Who is a Sishtah ?
yo veda-pramaanavaan!=He who leads a life strictly in accordance with the Vedic injunctions

Q:Ko hatah:?=Who should be considered dead even while living ? 
bhrashtah Kriya!=One who has abandoned his Swakarma/Swadharma/Karma Yoga 

Verse 61 - Meaning:
Q: Ko Brahmanai: Upasya:?= What should be worshipped by brahmins?

Ans: Gaayatry-Arka Agni-gocarah-Shambhuh!=Shambu (Shiva) in Gayatri Mantra,Sun and Agni